Aspen’s First Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub All in One

Each night, 7908 celebrates its mantra of Eat, Drink and Dance by mixing "elevated comfort food" with a renowned Spirits and Wine program and the very best in live DJ performances and high-end “bottle list” service. 


The Supper Club

7908 is Aspen’s first and finest alpine supper club. A place to dine in the early evening and dance, or eat, late into the night. Its sophisticated and fun, raucous and regal, inclusive and exclusive. In the tradition of a true supper club, it’s meant to be the essential social center of Aspen for locals and visitors alike. A place where everyone can gather, feel welcome and let loose. It’s the Hollywood starlet and the ragged mountaineer both feeling at home in the very same place.

Our space allows for an authentic, extraordinary Aspen experience to come eat, drink and dance! Enjoy the culinary talents of Executive Chef Byron Gomez’s “Elevated Comfort Food” while appreciating the vinicultural expertise of Master Sommelier, Jonathan Pullis, or imbibing in craft cocktails by Director of Spirits, Matt Corbin. All the while savoring the lost art of freshly spun vinyl by world renowned DJ, Bryan Normand (a.k.a. Kid Kamillion). It’s our pleasure to welcome you as long as you remember, “Altitude is Everything!”


Chef Byron Gomez has spent the last 13 years honing his skills at some of the most pristine restaurants in New York City and the world. He has trained and worked under some of the best chefs and mentors in the industry, such as Daniel Boulud, Ronny Emborg, Gavin Kaysen and Daniel Humm. Despite not having any formal culinary education, Byron worked hard to be self taught and work among very talented individuals. Working his way up through Michelin ranked restaurants in New York starting at Café Boulud, the esteemed classical French One Star Michelin restaurant, which gave Byron his first glimpse into the art of fine dining. Hard work and passion motivated Byron to then move on to the Two Star Michelin restaurant Atera, featuring a modern Nordic cuisine tasting menu.

  • Lamb presented beautifully on a 7908 Aspen platter
  • Tartare beautifully presented on stoneware at 7908 aspen
  • Ceviche in stoneware - 7908 Aspen Restaurant
  • Bacon crisps in 7908 Menu
  • Colorful Burrata dish
  • Burger at 7908 Bar
  • 7908 Dish
  • 7908 Aspen Ribeye Steak


When putting a wine program together, 7908 has gone all out, starting with Master Sommelier, Jonathan Pullis. One of only 250 Master Sommelier’s world wide, Jonathan is simply the best of the best. Serving a vast selection of meticulously chosen wines from the world’s greatest vineyards and producers, our catalog is on par with any in the country. Jonathan’s amiable demeanor and boundless knowledge of wine will take your culinary experience to heights you’ve never realized.  

For those with a taste for spirits, our award-winning Spirits Director, Matt Corbin, has created a cocktail list to match the level of our wine program. A diverse range of liquors and ingredients were used to create our bold yet familiar drink menu. The full craft cocktail bar is open late into the night – just because it’s after 12 doesn’t mean you should settle for second best.


The pinnacle of any evening at 7908 is hosted by world renowned Resident DJ and Musical Director, Bryan Normand (a.k.a. Kid Kamillion). His distinctive resume includes recognition from dance pioneer, A-Trak, playing Super Bowl parties for Jay-Z and collaborations with Diplo, Major Lazer, M.I.A. and many other notable figures in the EDM community. He has toured throughout the world, but has now chosen to go all in on 7908, with Aspen as his primary residence.

Wanting to bring greater authenticity and a soulful, sultry style to 7908’s musical identity, Bryan has gathered Aspen’s finest DJ talent along with amassing a considerable collection of vinyl across all genres and generations. Whether you are in the mood to sit back and watch the show, dance on the banquettes or get your exhibitionist freak on in the “Live Box @ 7908”, we are certain that your musical fancy will be appropriately tickled!

  • Aspen DJ In Lights Nightclub
  • Dancefloor Aspen
  • Girls Dancing in Aspen Nightclub

Core Values


If people aren’t happy working at a restaurant or lounge, then no one will be happy eating or drinking there. If that happens, then the place has nothing to offer its community, its neighborhood or its locals in return for their patronage. This may seem unconventional, yet for us to offer our guests an extraordinary experience, our highest priority is our employees.


Hospitality is when something happens for someone, not to someone. To our first point, we want our guests to have an extraordinary experience every time they step into 7908. For this to happen, guests must feel welcome and looked after. 7908 is a place where everyone, no matter where they are from, where they’ve been, what they look like, or what they do, is welcome.


The bond between a business and its community is constant, unbreakable and unmatched in its importance. Nowhere is this truer than in Aspen. The people of Aspen take the well-being of their community very seriously and in return, each member of this community carries with them an enormous sense of pride and gratitude for living here. The bond between business and community is a reflection of this dynamic. Having at its root the expectation that each will support the other. That a business will give back, as much as it stands to take.