About 7908 Aspen


7908 is Aspen’s finest supper club. Situated in the heart of the world’s most adored and irreverent mountaintop resort, our space allows for an authentic, extraordinary Aspen experience. A place to dine in the early evening and dance late into the night. It’s sophisticated and fun, it’s raucous and regal, inclusiveness and exclusive, it’s Aspen.

Taking its name and cultural direction from the exact elevation of a once small mining town perched 7,908 feet high in the Rocky Mountains. 7908 will bring together under one roof, the eclectic, talented and empowered many, who long ago determined Aspen to be their most cherished place to visit.

Hours of Service

7908 is open for the 2021-22 Winter Season:

6pm-CLOSE Tuesday through Saturday, with special Holiday Hours.  Sunday Night is Open for Cocktails 9:30pm-Close.




Our lounge will be open for Bottle Service Thursday-Saturday with proper distancing guidelines in place.




Byron Gomez - Executive Sous chef at 7908 Aspen

Byron Gomez

Executive Chef

Jonathan Pullis

Manager / Master Sommelier

Bartender at 7908 Bar

Matt Corbin

Director of Spirits

Bryan Normand – Resident DJ at 7908 Aspen

Bryan Normand

Resident DJ


January 1, 1960

Aspen Irreverence 1960

A place where beatniks and billionaires gather to escape the ordinary. The onset of a philosophy that encapsulated much of the country, one which promoted freedom of expression and pleasure, overtook this small ranch town. People from San Francisco, LA, New York and beyond found refuge and like-minded individuals in a picturesque oasis, and many decided to stay. These weren’t your run-of-the-mill hippies, but people who wished to start an elevated community free of the hassles they left behind.      
January 16, 1970

Aspen 1970s

Hunter S. Thompson wasn’t the only eccentric local that led Aspen down a road of debauchery, but he was one that made headlines (and wrote them). As the people of Aspen nearly voted him in as Sheriff, the influx of wealth and fame continued to shake up this one-of-a-kind enclave in the heart of the Rockies. The weird and wild inhabitants shared drinks with celebrities and politicians, turning the town into somewhat of a legend for many.      
March 5, 1980

Aspen 1980s Decadence

Aspen continues to blossom with stars and celebs from around the world, becoming the mountain rendezvous for the elite. This era lasts only in memories for those who were fortunate enough to experience Aspen at the time.
April 24, 1990

Aspen 1990s

What some consider the last great decade in Aspen, the 90s preserved the last of the anything-goes mindset in the town. An excessive tolerance on the part of Aspen’s law enforcement remained, allowing substances to flow freely throughout town. A handful of great bars and lounges remained, many to be forced out by high rent costs and a changing demographic. The local character’s remained through the changing times and ensured this mountain enclave would remain as wild and weird as the 80s.
January 23, 2000

Aspen 2000s

Rodger Wilson and Charif Souki parted ways in the early 90s yet stayed in touch, sharing a common memory of Aspen’s Glory Days and the ability to each overcome hardship. As Roger returned to New York with little after rough times, he worked his way through the ranks at some of the finest dining establishments in the country. While not glamorous, these years were vital for the development of 7908 Aspen, as the owner mastered the restaurant business from the bottom-up.
August 1, 2000

Master Sommelier, Jonathan Pullis, Discovers His Love for Food and Wine

After graduating from UVM with a degree in economics, Jonathan planned on taking a year off, before pursuing his MBA. He moved to St John to sail and scuba dive. While there, he started working at Chateau Bordeaux and fell in love with food and wine. He realized that a career in finance wasn’t for him and instead wanted to nurture people.
January 1, 2005

Jonathan Pullis Moves to Aspen, CO

Jonathan loves to travel, teach and learn. After becoming a father in 2005 he realized that Aspen would be home. The quality of the schools, the abundance of recreational activities and the wonderful community make it an ideal place to raise a family.
January 1, 2012

Resident DJ, Bryan Normand, wins Gold at Red Bull Thre3style New Orleans & South U.S.

“While managing the overnight success of Kid Kamillion and a world tour, I was approached by Red Bull to compete in their international DJ competition “Thre3style”. I respectfully declined due to the demanding schedule of my project Kid Kamillion. Red Bull later called again and explained how important it was to represent New Orleans and the entire mountain south region of the U.S., so I canceled a few tour dates to train and compete for the tournament. After winning Gold in New Orleans and Silver in Dallas (ironically A-Trak was the judge w/ no know idea who DJ Jive was) I retired “DJ Jive” and completely devoted my time as an international artist and producer.” – Bryan Normand
January 1, 2012

Bryan Normand Remix Hit #1 on Charts

Under the alias Kid Kamillion, Bryan Normand’s remix for Heads Will Roll hit, 1 mil plays, #1 on Hype Machine charts, supported at every major festival and on BBC world radio.
June 7, 2014

Bryan Normand Co-Produced Major Lazer’s 3rd Album

January 1, 2017

Aspen 2017

Modern day Aspen is concoction of its new era and reaching back towards the past. Long-time locals remember establishments that felt like home and made them remember why they came here in the first place. Those places no longer exist for many of us and that is the reason for 7908 Aspen. Too many of us felt that Aspen’s notorious nightlife was slowly fading away. Sure, there are many great restaurants, but not enough that can entertain for an entire night. 7908 Aspen will not just be a place to eat, drink and dance (although we have all three), it’s a place to have a true Aspen experience, in the manner that many of us remember from a time long-unseen.
July 10, 2018
7908 Aspen Restaurant Bar and Nightclub

7908 Supper Club Launch Party

7908 Aspen is officially open for business.