The pinnacle of any evening at 7908 is hosted by world renowned Resident DJ and Musical Director, Bryan Normand (a.k.a. Kid Kamillion). His distinctive resume includes recognition from dance pioneer, A-Trak, playing Super Bowl parties for Jay-Z and collaborations with Diplo, Major Lazer, M.I.A. and many other notable figures in the EDM community. He has toured throughout the world, but has now chosen to go all in on 7908, with Aspen as his primary residence.

Wanting to bring greater authenticity and a soulful, sultry style to 7908’s musical identity and nightclub, Bryan has gathered Aspen’s finest DJ talent along with amassing a considerable collection of vinyl across all genres and generations. Whether you are in the mood to sit back and watch the show, dance on the banquettes or get your exhibitionist freak on in the “Live Box @ 7908”, we are certain that your musical fancy will be appropriately tickled!

Bottle Service

Included with any private lounge table reservation at 7908 is the ability to craft your own bottle service menu from a world-renowned collection of luxury brand spirits and champagnes, as chosen by our Master Sommelier Jonathan Pullis and 7908 Spirits Director Matt Corbin. A private table reservation not only ensures you the ultimate luxury of your own intimate space inside the breathtakingly designed and acoustically mastered 7908 Lounge, but places you and your guests at the forefront of Aspen’s most cutting-edge live DJ performances.  

For our bottle service list click here. Make your private lounge reservation now to enjoy the ultimate 7908 nightclub experience!  If you would like to reserve a table you can do so by clicking on a date on our calendar above or by calling our Lounge Manager Miles Morley at 469.650.1223.


Our establishment holds regular events in the restaurant and nightclub and is available to reserve for private parties. We strive to bring in the best local and international talent to the lounge at 7908. Our resident DJ, Bryan Normand, has gathered a collective of Aspen's best. Our lounge features a large central DJ space and corner stage, while the restaurant seats approximately 54 guests. The 6,000 square foot space can host approximately 180 people, and either the restaurant, lounge or both may be reserved.

Please contact us via email or give us a call at 970.516.7908.

Is Aspen the party town that everyone says it is?
Yes, most definitely. Aspen nightlife is legendary, and the new generation of Aspen partygoers live up to the reputation, "Ski all day, Party All Night"c
Am I going to see celebrities when I’m in Aspen? What celebrities frequent the 7908 Supper club?
Any given day or night an Aspen gondola ride can result in an encounter with anyone from trending celebrities, all-star athletes, titans of industry, and even royalty. Since opening, 7908 has seen an endless list of who's-who. But it's not our style to kiss and tell. Best just come and find out for yourself.
What time do the Aspen bars and the best clubs in Aspen really start to get going?
If you're not "Aprés skiing" the party can start as early as 8pm, however, most of the crowds start showing up after 10pm. Sometimes people even ski, aprés, dine and then party again.
Do people still aprés ski?
Absolutely, it's a very important part of Aspen's ski and party culture. It's a reason to celebrate with one of the best cocktails in Aspen after an epic ride with friends or even new friends you've made on the gondola.
What's the deal with the Aspen Supper Club?
The Aspen Supper Club concept is a classic business model of both the best Aspen dining and local entertainment in one space. At 7908, we offer you the best restaurant in Aspen and the most sophisticated venue for Aspen nightlife.
So is 7908 a nightclub?
You could say that. 7908 is not only one of, if not the best clubs in Aspen, but a multifaceted restaurant and event space with a highly advanced entertainment system created by world-renown producer and pioneer and resident DJ Bryan "Kid Kamillion" Normand.
How hard is it to get a table service reservation?
That depends on when you are making your reservation. You must book in advance if you want a table around peak holidays and town events. As you may expect, January through March are the busiest times of the year, so you must reserve in advance.
Resident DJ, what does this mean?
A Resident DJ is no different than an Executive Chef. The role is to be the most knowledgeable about music, lead the most important nights, curate music, visual content, vibes, and feel the pulse of the dancefloor. Also having good relationships with guests whether they are visitors or locals, you want to make sure they have the best experience and come back.
How often can I see Kid Kamillion spin?
You can catch him during his weekly residency every Saturday night at 10pm throughout the winter and summer seasons of Aspen.
What style of music could one expect to hear at 7908?
An eclectic blend of Electronic dance, world beat, disco, nostalgic hip-hop, and classic party music. As a forward-thinking business, our team at 7908 works hard to stay ahead of the curve with music, art, and technology as well as not playing the same monotonous sing-a-long bullsh%t you would hear at any other venue. We strive to be the best in Aspen and will never compromise.
What musical artists would one see on a night at 7908?
International and regional undiscovered DJs and Producers. We take pride in putting on talent that could be the next big thing or soon to be noteworthy in Aspen, Colorado’s nightlife.
What kind of artwork could I see at 7908?
You could see rare works by resident street artist "Mr. Brainwash" as well as custom digital projection art by 7908s very own resident DJ Bryan "Kid Kamillion" Normand. Keep coming back because our curated collection changes often!
So is 7908 the best restaurant in Aspen, one of the best Aspen Bars and the epicenter for Aspen nightlife?
You better believe. Altitude is everything.